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Petronas MLNG Media Night
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ACEM Sarawak 10th Biennial Dinner
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Shell Family Day 2013
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Mitsubishi Attrage Launch
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AIFFA Beach Party
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Shell MDS Treasure Island 2011
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The Mitsubishi 4x4 Dakar Rally Experience
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Sheda Annual Dinner Retro Spectacular
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Silas Michael Martin
Chief Eventor & Principal (Ma.D)

Mastermind, founder, leader, and chief entertainer of TRUevents. Left the field of construction and dredging in 2004 to focus on engineering successful event experiences. Has a driver's license but would rather ride bikes.

Grace Yong

Someone has to keep us sensible.

Derek Sim
Director - Applied Arts

A self-confessed uber-geek, eccentric and an art-snob, he is the longest serving TRUper after the CE. Passionate about his work, he is easy going once you get to know him. Just don't say anything about his hoard..err collection. Deadly with a lightsaber.

Terence Lim
GM & CreArtor (Biz Comm)

After several years in construction, media and advertising, he now spearheads the area of Business Development, with a penchant for storing things in the fridge when he is bored and getting his daily caffeine fix from Jessica Biel. He also revels in beating strangers at online pool games, after his glory days of computer gaming dwindled.

Eventor (Talent & CreArtivation)

With over 14 years experience in the broadcasting industry, he is our production maestro, experienced but not ancient. Best known for quirky ring tones.

Business Manager

Bringing in 14 years of experience in mobile communication, he helps to put brands on the map via trade marketing. Like Yoda, he is one who keeps us calm over troubled waters.


Keeps the pay rolling. If you know what I mean.

Joseph Lu
Black Ops (CreArtivation)

Assists in overseeing event operations, as well as keeping track of inventory. Avid angler but his fishing rod rests most days.

Cheryl Melia
Communicator (Client & New Media)

Sees to it that there is connection with media and clients. An avid afi-shoe-nado.

Yosua Tjan
Digital Media Designer (Art-Key-Tech)

Builds 3D designs and creates multimedia videos to complement other works of the Art & Design department. Inspector Gadget's second in command.


He literally holds the key to the heart of our events. Typically quiet, he aims to surprise with his humorous outbursts.

Edmund Ignatius
Event Associate

The YES man. Assists in all event matters on-ground and online, with his ever ready Darlie grin.

Event Crew (Artivation)

A member of the Black-Ops underground fraternity. Codename "iron fist pump"; he makes all heavy setups seem light.

Event Crew (Artivation)

The multi-tasking TRUper who's willing to learn anything and everything; always with a smile.

The Transporter (Artivation & Logistics)

Always on the go, transporting goods far and wide. Be careful, his lethal eye for eggs is second to none!

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About Us


TRUevents started out as home-based business in September 2005, when - civil & dredging engineer turned frontman of local indie band, Evenstarr - Silas Michael Martin, decided to create and manage events that he hoped were totally radical & unique. Most of them were music / entertainment-based events.


2006-2007: TRUevents became known as Kuching's most active independent music event organiser and was eventually recommended to major concert promoters. While he managed to tie up with Unilever to create the popular battle of the bands a.k.a. Rexona No Sweat Bandkuest and managed the entire setup of TM Karnival Myteam in Kota Kinabalu & Kuching, Silas & TRUevents were still a one-man-show business.


Today, TRUevents has grown into an end-to-end event company, having achieved a status upgrade to officially become Borneo Tru Events Sdn Bhd, with workforce capability that comprises a highly skilled & motivated team in event & artiste management, marketing & branding, public relations, graphic design, advertising, multimedia & concept creations and AV production, fully focused in providing the best services to the most discerning clients.


TRUevents was founded upon the primary principle of trust, as that is essential to the success of any relationship. Unlike others, we embark on a project with an intent to build a successful, rewarding & professional relationship with our clients, who we eventually come to regard as the TRU family.


To be always there for you and delivering what was required and expected by our clients is our number one aim, and how this company was built. We want our clients to have the ease of knowing that we can be relied upon to help them achieve their goals, no matter how great or how small it may be.


We know that every client is unique that is why the importance of understanding who you are is extremely important to us here at TRUevents.Therefore we adopt a different approach to each and everyone of our valued clients and prospects and determine the best outcome based on your needs and requirements in hopes to meet and often exceed our client's expectations.

Contact Us

Sarawak HQ

Sublot 15, Lot 673 & 674
Block 226 KNLD, Hakka Avenue
Batu 5, Jalan Penrissen
93250 Kuching
Sarawak, Malaysia

Phone: +6082 578 334
Fax: +6082 578 334

The Lab

3rd Floor, SL7, Lot 3024,
Bormill Commercial Estate, Lorong 8,
Jalan Tun Ahmad Zaidi Adruce,
93150 Kuching
Sarawak, Malaysia

Phone: +6082 254 502

Sabah Base

Cyber square
88400 Kota Kinabalu
Sabah, Malaysia


From 12 - 16th September, TRUmoto will be conducting an exclusive Advanced Riding course with Instructor Erik Yong.
Designed for riders by riders, this course will teach you the essence of good riding. Learn invaluable skills, knowledge,
tips & rules and ultimately how to get there smoother, faster and safer. Guaranteed to be an exhilarating and enlightening

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